Aiming for Sainthood (excerpt)

(Deaf & Coda)

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And then it’s New Years Eve. A time when we atone for our sins, and start again. I think a lot about amends and resolutions and about the time when I will have to choose my ½ of the magnets.

And I know that we are all bound to each other by a sticky web of history and grudges, debt and love and love and love. This experience has become a bookmark in my family’s story and this experience has healed me forever. I have become a better daughter.

I never found my Springsteen poster but sometimes it’s good to leave the past behind. But I also know that he’s a guy from Jersey, who got outta Jersey, who is still connected to Jersey- just like me.

On New Years day we all walk to 9:15 mass at Saint Brendan’s and I realize that perhaps the best way to start believing in God is to start searching for God. And maybe, just maybe that’s the miracle. As I hold Mommy’s hand on the way to church I remember that as babies we all were rocked to sleep by our parents talking hands.

Excerpt From solo show- Aiming for Sainthood

Ed Anderson