Dog Days - A One Minute Play About Work

(Malinowski Thinks)

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SETTING- Professional and Convivial Corporate Office.

ALEX- Excuse me, you wanted to see us?

SUPERVISOR- Thank you for letting us interrupt your lunch.

TERRY – That’s fine. We’re happy to do it.

SUPERVISOR – This is our Human Resources Liaison. Come . . . Sit.

HUMAN RELATIONS DIRECTOR- The two of you are the strongest of the new candidates and we wanted to know how the training met your needs. (No response from the trainees) . . . Alex why don’t you speak.

ALEX- I feel like I was given clear job expectations and a good idea of how to manage the day to day tasks.

SUPERVISOR- (Accidentally dropping a pen) Sorry, would you fetch my pen? (As Alex begins to stand). Stay! (Alex is caught in a crouch position- which s/he freezes in)

TERRY- For me, one of the most helpful aspects of the training was gaining an understanding of the corporate culture here.

SUPERVISOR- I’m happy to hear that. Catch the imaginary treat. (She tosses an imaginary treat into the air, Terry catches it in her/his mouth.) (To Alex) Down. (Alex sits.)

HUMAN RELATIONS DIRECTOR- Alex, how do you feel about the guidelines for disciplinary action?

ALEX- I agree with them. I think that they appropriate and fair.

SUPERVISOR- (To the Human Resources Director) Of course each one of them has their own strengths but both came down the learning curve beautifully. Terry, sic em’. (Terry attacks Alex. They tussle)

HUMAN RELATIONS DIRECTOR- I just don’t know why I can’t get my dogs to do that.

SUPERVISOR- They’re not employees.

HUMAN RELATIONS DIRECTOR- Good point. Terry, Alex- Play Dead. (Terry & Alex- rollover and play dead)


Ed Anderson