Arlene Malinowski - Solo Artist, Writer, Instructor

I believe that all of us have a story.
Our stories connect us to who we are
where we come from and who we can become.
Most importantly, I believe our stories connect us with each other.
In the sacred spaces of small theaters, talk over kitchen tables
and between the pages of the written word something happens to us.
We connect, and it is in that connection we discover
that that we all live the same lives in many different ways.
Through my work as a solo artist, writer and teacher it is my hope that we all learn to listen for the story.


Arlene Malinowski

News :

Recipient: 3arts Fellowship at the UIC Department of Disability in the Arts and Culture.

Publication: Essay in "Airmail: Women of Letters Anthology" Penguin Press

Recipient: Mental Health America, Porter County Recognition Award

Production: Silenced, Collaboraction, Chopin Theater-Jan 14-24, 2016

Reading: A Little Bit Not Normal- UIC, TBD February, 2016

Reading: Full Disclosure, Chicago Dramatists Theater February 6, 2016

Classes :

Teaching: Writing the Solo show or Monologue- January 23, 24 2016

Teaching: Solo Development Class, Chicago Dramatists, Feb-April 2016

Listen: A Place So Far Down

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The short story :  “The Moment The Lights Came On” will be published by Penguin in the “Women Of Letters” anthology.