Are you ready to write? Start that story that won’t leave you alone? Maybe develop your personal brand? Write that solo show, Essay, Memoir or finish those pieces that are sitting in a drawer? Does the thought of a story workshop excite/scare/intimidate/exhilarate you? Maybe you’re you ready to start submitting or want to develop work to read at live lit events?

I have been lucky to work with hundreds of writers, and performers all over the country over the last 25 years. The people I’ve worked with have had their books, articles, stories and essays published. They’ve performed their stories and one-person shows on stages at theaters, festivals, live lit events and conferences all over the world.

I am a practicing teaching artist so I understand the aspects of the creative process from the germination of an idea, to the development and completion of your project. These workshops are focused on finding your voice, the voice of your story and developing opportunities for to getting your work into the world.My work is to be a supportive fan and cheerleader. Can’t wait to meet you. For questions or sign-up, click HERE.

Online Solo Show Intensive Weekend

(June 8-9, 11:00-4:00 with half-hour break)

This workshop is designed for writers, performers at all levels to kick-start your solo work. Each class consists of lecture, performance time, and personal feedback. Investment: $200. Sign up here.

Solo Show, Story & Coaching Sessions

I coach writers and performers from across the country through private sessions in my studio or remotely via Zoom, Skype or phone.

I work with those developing solo shows, plays, autobiographical material, fiction, novels and essays. These sessions are designed around your goals, timelines and intentions. They are designed to help you clarify your vision and empower you to move to the next level.

1. Components of Story/Solo; Universal Truth. Inciting incident, Quest.
2. Developing your voice. The voice of the story and strengthening your unique style.
3. Cornerstones for designing structure. Use of narrators. Creating scenes.
4. Developing characters and writing multiple character scenes.
5. Rubrics for creating the world of the play or story.
6. Using construction & deconstruction techniques to push your work forward.

Private coaching is $80.00 per “sloppy hour.” Discounted packages are available. 5 hours: $365. 10 hours: $690. If there is a pre-read on a FULL script, the cost is $50.00. Open to all levels, but I offer a free consultation ahead of time to see if you think we are a good fit.

*As a practicing writer and solo artist I believe that it’s critical to work with mentors who not only understand the craft but have experience writing, performing and developing their own material. Working with teaching artists offer invaluable insights into the process. You would never hire a golf coach who doesn’t play the sport.

”The Writers Room”

This private class is for those working on autobiographical material, essays, solo shows, plays, novels and essays. These small classes are limited to 7 people and are designed to serve you and your project. The classes are made up of crazy talented, intuitive, funny, supportive writers.

Six class sessions take place over a 18 week period to allow you time develop your material as we go along. Saturdays 2:00-5:15 pm. Investment: $250.00. All levels are accepted, but by interview, to see if we are a good fit. Sign up here.

Solo Show & Storytelling Classes at Chicago Dramatists Theater

These Solo & Story classes are designed for all levels, from those who are thinking about a one person show to those who are in the final stages of polishing their show. Tools and techniques are covered and applied during individual work sessions. Sessions are geared to the clients level of progress.

For further information check “Upcoming Class Descriptions” at

Solo Show & Story Foundation Class

(online Dec 11 - Jan 29)

For further information contact:

Solo Show & Story Advanced Page to Stage Class

(Mar 19 - Apr 23 / rehearsal and final performance May 11)

For further information contact:

Marketing & Producing Your Solo Show & Yourself as an Artist

(Apr 30 - May 14)

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Solo Show & Story Development/Intensive Class

(ONLINE Jun 20 - Jul 18)

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Solo Show & Storytelling Warrior Weekend: Foundations

Workshops for Organizations, Groups and Conferences

Integrating story is an important facet for delivering an effective and powerful presentation or developing your “personal professional brand.” Through coaching and exercises you will find the story and style that best serves you and your goals. This hands on workshop will focus on strengthening your unique personal style and developing a presence on stage. Topics include 1- Finding your story. 2-Techniques to manipulate the storyteller/audience relationship. 3- Four point checklist to improve your delivery. 4-Strategies for making your story come alive. to help you deliver an engaging story with confidence whether you want to tell to perform on a stage, give a presentation, speech or just tell a good story at Thanksgiving dinner. All levels looking too develop the tools in their storytelling backpack and looking to develop their personal brand.

I love working in collaboration.
You talk. I talk.
We both listen.
We explain. We laugh.
We try something else.
We get confused, maybe frustrated.
We try again.
We challenge. We question.
We hold our heads in our hands so they don’t explode.
We chew gum & Drink coffee
(decaffeinated of course).
We get up on our feet. We rewrite.
We reread. We listen some more.
And then it happens,
we get to the place where we say,
’Yes, that’s it! That works!’
— Arlene Malinowski