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This is what I know- that everyone has a story that will stop your heart. Our stories connect us to who we are, who we were and who we can become. Most importantly our stories connect us to each other. In the sacred spaces of dirty little theaters, school, talk over kitchen tables and between the pages of the written word something magical happens- we find connection. And in that connection we discover that we all live the same lives in many different ways. Through my work- it’s my hope that we all learn to listen for the story.



Voice Box- (November 12, 2019)
Fillet of Solo- (January 12, 2020)
AlterNarratives- UIC Disability Cultural Center (February, 2020)
A Little Bit Not Normal- Northbrook Library Auditorium- (May, 2020)


Where All of It Is True and None of it is Real (Chicago Dramatists - February 1, 2020)

Workshops & Coaching

Classes & Coaching for Solo, Story & Playwriting
The Sound and the Fury- Solo & Story Class (Chicago Dramatists, January 25 - ONLINE)
“The Writers Room” - Small class in mixed genre. Signups Winter/Spring