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Into the Blue

I’ve always prided myself on being a “happy, optimistic and motivated person.” I’ve even bragged about it but out of nowhere Depression just crept in through a basement window and I found him sitting there with his feet up on my nice, new mushroom colored couch and he decided to stay.

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Offensive Comments About Depression and Suicide

Suicides of Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade and Robin Williams generated negative and insensitive comments. TV personality Briana DeJesus, Actor Val Kilmer and Punk Rock icon, actor and writer Henry Rollins viciously criticized those who commit suicide after battles with depression. The follow up responses from these celebrities were varied and telling.

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Kicking the Habit

I grew up in Paterson, NJ. It was a tough neighborhood where the second graders cursed, the nuns smoked and the dogs snarled. But the most feared group in all of Paterson… the ones who terrorized children… the ones who promised that retribution would be swift and merciless… was not the Jersey Mob but the Jersey Moms.

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